Before we decided to open House of Paw with the concept of Completely Cage-FREE, we used to take our dogs to groomers regularly, but every time we went to pick them up, they seemed traumatized and feeling abandoned. We didn’t understand why at first, until we asked to see what our dogs did while they were there.

The process was as follows, as soon as our dogs went there for their appointments, they would wait in a tiny cage without water, then they would go in for their showers, then they are placed in another cage for drying (put in mind, there are a few cases of dogs dying in these cages, as they are too harsh for some dogs to breathe), after they are put in this cage for almost an hour, until they are fully dry, they then wait their turn to see the groomer for their haircut.

This process is extremely hard on any dog and no dog should be through this experience, that’s why we came up with the Cage-FREE grooming idea. Our process is completely different than that of a regular grooming place. In most cases, your pup goes directly to the bathing room, after they are done bathing, they are then hand blow dried to insure the dog’s safety and comfort. After they are done drying, the bather then places the dog in the grooming room to get groomed. The whole process takes about 1 hour and 30 mins to 3 hours, depending on the size of your dog and the condition of his/her coat.

In some cases where we are extremely busy, dogs get to enjoy the playing are with other dogs, playing around, watching TV, laying on the beds. At no point is your dog ever caged, left alone, or crying.

We care for the dogs, just the same way we care for ours <3