1. To avoid your dog’s hair getting matted, brush him/her out at least once a week

2. To avoid ear infections, wipe your dog’s ears once a week, or depending on activity level

3. To shorten your dog’s blood vessel in their nails AKA “Quick”, walk him/her a lot on asphalt to naturally file down the nail.

4. To avoid the nails getting too long and curling in on your dog’s paws – causing a puncture wound, you should take your dog in for a nail trim regularly

5. If your dog is experiencing extremely dry skin, apply raw coconut oil on the skin before giving a bath

6. Omega 3 Fatty Acids are very good for the coat and skin of your furry friend, they are found in many treats like Cod Skin (sold at our store for $1), and Salmon Skin (also sold at our store for $2); there are a number of supplements that will help with your dog’s skin, one of our favorites is Nootie’s Progility Skin & Coat (also sold at our store for $19.99)